New ZK Website opened!!

asked 2008-07-24 03:04:12 +0800

jeanher gravatar image jeanher
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ZK Team

How do you like the brand new Website?
You can start with taking a quick tour of ZK here!!

And, don't forget to let us know your comments on the usability, design, ... or anything!

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answered 2008-07-24 10:17:27 +0800

sousa1981 gravatar image sousa1981
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Look Good

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answered 2008-07-24 16:01:34 +0800

bobo gravatar image bobo

Wow! I got a great surprise when i visited your website today. Looks really good and professional!

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answered 2008-07-24 20:02:19 +0800

Phileas gravatar image Phileas
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Yes, cool change, congratulations to the ZK Team.
In terms of presentation, i like the icons informing of browser support. i just suggest tips during mouseover that indicates the range of releases supported.
I don't find the roadmap pages (2007, 2008) in the menus.
Integrating the forum into this new web site interface would be convenient.

On the other way, there is some content i don't entirely understand as we can see on the features :
- Direct Push: ZK provides the most robust and intuitive Direct Push that enables spontaneous updates activated by server to the Ajax browsers and mobile devices.
As this capability is on the roadmap page, do you mean it is already implemented and available by now ? And not only for desktop browsers but also for mobile, really ?

- Numerous third party widgets: JFreeChart, JasperReports, Google Maps, FCKeditor, Timeline, Timeplot, ExtJS, Dojo and so on.
Same question here, Ext JS is on the roadmap so if it's cool that some few EXT JS components may be managed today by ZK, i wouldn't put it on the features page if it is not the whole EXT JS package which is supported. At least, that need some more details in terms of informations for both page (features and roadmap)

- I don't know for others but on my side, there are two planned features announced in the roadmap which will directly drives me to ZK adoption : EXT JS support and Direct Push. The question is : Will ZK EXT JS support will benefit of this server push ? Is ZK has, by nature, some advantages over "competition", then, by adding these 2 things "coupled", that will clearly push ZK as an obvious framework of choice that will be under the spotlights and that won't be "small talks" :)

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answered 2008-07-24 20:06:03 +0800

BerndWill gravatar image BerndWill
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Hello ZK folks,

congratulations to that amazing new website !!!


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answered 2008-07-25 06:57:52 +0800

tomyeh gravatar image tomyeh
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http://blog.zkoss.org ZK Team

Direct Push supports Ajax Push and Ajax Polling. Ajax Polling is available in 3.0, while Ajax Push is available in ZK 3.5 (it was called 3.1). The use is the same -- it is transparent to application developer. However, the mobile version is not ready yet. For more info: example 1 example 2 example 3

Regarding Ext JS, please follow the development of ZK 3.5. I believe we are doing a great job. Not only cool Vista-like look and advanced features, but also working smoothly with live data (ListModel, TreeModel, GroupModel), data-binding and, of course, direct push. The first official release of ZK 3.5 is targeting early September. You are welcome to take a look and give us feedback with the latest freshly.

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answered 2008-07-25 18:47:43 +0800

Phileas gravatar image Phileas
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Sorry, i forgot to mention that for server push, i mean Comet and not polling.
Wow, your talk annoucement about Ext JS and Direct push amazes me, at least if i understand it well :) (if you mean direct push in terms of Comet for example) as i still have difficulties to trust the roadmap :). I will definitly look into this 3.5 release which would be easily an excellent competitive candidate to the smarclient framework which were the reference for me (maybe until september...).

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answered 2008-07-27 07:48:29 +0800

oberinspector gravatar image oberinspector
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Hello ZK Team,

Again! Great job and great new Website!!!


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answered 2008-07-28 15:47:56 +0800

uberpumpkin gravatar image uberpumpkin

Index html is not your main page, when I type www.zkoss.org it takes me to the old website page.

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answered 2008-07-30 14:35:28 +0800

henrichen gravatar image henrichen
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ZK Team


We cannot replicate the issue. Can you check the browser caching or if your browser is behind a proxy?

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