SelectEvent.getTarget = Tab not Tabbox??

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By: mattedelman


I've been using 2.4.1 for a few days now, and it seems to have introduced some troublesome behavior around the Tabbox SelectEvent:

For my test, I have a standard Tabbox component, defined in ZUL. In my backing class, I've attached a listener to the onSelect event of the Tabbox.

The following is the event handling method:
public void handleTabSelection(Event event) {
Component ct = (Component)(((SelectEvent)event).getTarget());
Tab tb;
if (ct instanceof Tabbox) {//in zk 2.3.1 this block executes
tb = (Tab) ((Tabbox) ct).getSelectedTab();
else if (ct instanceof Tab) {//in zk 2.4.1 this block executes
tb = ((Tab)((SelectEvent)event).getTarget());
System.out.println("the ID of the selected tab is:

In version 2.3.1, ct would be an instance of Tabbox

In version 2.4.1, ct is an instance of Tab

Is that intentional?


P.S. It's not the only problem I'm seeing as a result of the 2.4.1 upgrade.
I'll post to the following thread regarding the problems it's causing with respect to my custom tabbox component set:

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answered 2007-07-11 02:57:02 +0800

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By: jebberwocky

Dear Matt

You are right. The getTarget() has been changed from tabbox to tab. The reason behind is to implement the fulfill attribute of tabpanel.

Thank you


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answered 2012-03-21 18:38:01 +0800

macutzin gravatar image macutzin


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