ZK SpringBoot 'template' - cannot find template source [closed]

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I'm building my first ZK/Springboot web app using the new https://github.com/zkoss/zkspringboot

My index page is using templates but when I run the index.zul page I get an error

The index.zul page is defined as...

<apply templateURI="/public/template_public.zul">
     <template name="header" src="/public/header_public.zul" />
     <template name="main" src="/public/main_index.zul" />

The index.zul page is located in folder: main/resources/web/zul The template files are located in folder: main/resources/web/zul/public

My application.properties file has... zk.homepage=index zk.zul-view-resolver-prefix=/zul

When I run the app and open the index page I get an error:
"Page not found: /public/template_public.zul"

Any suggestions?

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answered 2019-04-03 09:42:08 +0800

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ZK Team

answered here: https://github.com/zkoss/zkspringboot/issues/12

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