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asked 2016-03-31 19:53:06 +0800

JoseWalker gravatar image JoseWalker

I'm experiencing a problem when upgrading from ZK 7.0.4 to because the "Processing..." div never goes away not allowing the rendering of the components.

This happens when I do render myself the pages, by using the directive:

Renders.render(getServletContext(), request, response, MY_COMPONENT, null, out);

I've to press F5 or Ctrl+R several times to make it work. This is not a consistent error, most of the time it doesn't work, but other times (fewer ones) it does. I've reviewed my code up and down, and found nothing, and cannot explain why on version 7.0.4 it works and moving to it's not.

Please help, because I need to update my servers on an Amazon EC2 cluster, which is having problems with the Choosenbox component because it does not serialize, making the cluster to loose the session, since it cannot sync between servers. This is a serious matter to us... any ideas?!

Thanks in advance.


Jose Walker.

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answered 2016-04-01 04:00:03 +0800

cor3000 gravatar image cor3000
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ZK Team

First in order to put cause and effect in the right order. The "processing..." div is not blocking anything. It's just a div overlay indicating that the background rendering is still in progress. If that div doesn't go away there are usually 2 possible scenarios.

  1. (more likely) an unrecoverable error happened during the rendering process - In this case you should see a JS error in the browser console (F12 in most browsers will open the developer tools and show the error in the console tab)

  2. a JS could be running in an infinite loop, never finishing the rendering ... as said this happens rarely so I'll not go into detail now.

If you can provide the JS error message including an error JS stack trace (available in the browser console) and give some more detail about your scenario. E.g. which frameworks you are integrating with ZK, which kind of components are rendered. As Renders.render is not commonly used additional details might be helpful to locate the problem.


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answered 2016-04-04 19:36:42 +0800

JoseWalker gravatar image JoseWalker

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the prompt response. We've been working with ZK for about 8 years, and we used to believe we master it, back from version 3.6 up to now.

With scenario 1, there is no error shown by any JS in the console.

Scenario 2, there shouldn't be any JS running on infinite loop, because all our application works beautifully with version 7.0.4. But even when moving to version 7.0.8, BUMM!!! the behaviour appears, that overlay processing div, never goes away, and controls never get rendered.

As you mentioned, it's likely that Renders.render is not often used, but we do, and the reason for this, is that in public websites, we need to manage to render plain HTML for most web crawlers (Google, Bing, etc.), and if there is any control (MVC control) in one of our pages, we leverage on this feature Renders.render, to let ZK to the heavy work.

As I mentioned, this doesn't happen with version 7.0.4, but starts to appear on version 7.0.8.

Why I need to move away from 7.0.4? because it has a nasty bug on Chosenbox, that is not serializable in that version, and when ZK runs on a cluster environment, sessions CANNOT get replicated into both servers, because that control cannot be serialized. I've reported this bug myself in the past, and it seems got solved in 7.0.8 but now is that my pages are unusable due to the effect I'm reporting in.

Thanks in advance!


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