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gganassin gravatar image gganassin flag of Luxembourg

I had the same problem once... and due to the deadline i had... the fastest ignorant solution i was able to get out from my magic hat was to place a secured .zul file like:

    <div id="resultContainer" apply="" ></div>

public class ServicesController extends GenericAutowireComposer {

    private final static Logger _log = Logger.getLogger(ServicesController.class);  
    private final static String SERVICE = "service";

    public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception {
        String service = Executions.getCurrent().getParameter(SERVICE);
        if (StringUtils.isEmpty(service)) {
            _log.error("no service specified");
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("invalid service called - empty");
        } else {
            ServiceDescriptor serviceDescriptor = (ServiceDescriptor) SpringUtil.getBean(service);
            // ... WHATEVAH like yours:
            EventQueue<Event> queue = EventQueues.lookup("myQueue", EventQueues.APPLICATION, true);
            queue.publish(new Event("myEvent", null, someData));

So... i was able to call via a simple HttpURLConnection my .zul file which is finally able to trigger the EventQueue for example. For sure is not elegant… but it damn worked for me :D Giovanni

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