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answered 2009-01-05 04:30:30 +0800

robertlee gravatar image robertlee

Dary, So what went wrong to stop you using overlapped windows?

Rob, I did following to allow the open event to be called: I use EchoEvent under the Events class.

    <bandbox id="bd">
                    <textbox />
                <listbox width="200px"
                    onSelect='bd.value=self.selectedItem.label; bd.closeDropdown(); Events.echoEvent("open", combo, null);' >
                        <listheader label="Name" />
                        <listheader label="Description" />
                        <listcell label="John" />
                        <listcell label="CEO" />
                        <listcell label="Joe" />
                        <listcell label="Engineer" />
                        <listcell label="Mary" />
                        <listcell label="Supervisor" />


        <checkbox checked="false" onCheck="bd.autodrop = self.checked"
            label="auto drop popup when typing" />
        <checkbox checked="true"
            onCheck="bd.buttonVisible = self.checked" label="button visible" />
       <button label="openTestV2" onClick=""/>
                       <combobox id="combo">
                       <comboitem label="Simple and Rich" />
                       <comboitem label="Cool!" />
                           <comboitem label="Thumbs Up!" />

Hope this helps.

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